Packaging Solutions DRAFT


Medizap offers our clients a complete suite of primary and secondary packaging solutions. Save time and money by utilizing a pre-validated packaging system. Medizap provides extensive dosimetry and ISO tested offerings with our proprietary solutions that are designed around terminal sterilization utilizing e-beam technology.


Medi-Pack primary packaging is bundled and unitized for easy ordering. For sterile compounded products such as pellets, serums, and powders; we offer an array of options including blister packs as well as traditional vials and caps.

Our Ready-to-Use Sterile vials and no-crimp closure are world-class and available in 6mL & 10mL.


Medizap offers our clients standardized secondary pack out solutions for your compounded pellets, serums, and powders, to keep your costs lower. Steri-Packs protect your product with custom multi-layer protection.


Being a Medizap client has its benefits. We offer custom primary packaging labeling, secondary cold chain logistics, and ready-to-use sterile primary packing solutions. We offer cleanroom compatible thermal printers as well as software with personalized product labeling templates, so you can easily print dynamic labels that are customized to our Medi-Pack offerings.

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