E-Beam Sterilization


Compared to Gamma Sterilization where rays occasionally collide with an electron and give it enough energy to destroy bio-burden, e-beam start out at high energy and destroys bioburden directly by having a high dose rate and lower penetration. With a higher dose rate, the electrons generated by the accelerator operate in a continous-beam mode to irradiate your product in minutes significantly reducing the risk of degradation of your products.

By using established and recognized dosimetric release procedures quarantine is not required after processing, fast tracking your turnaround time from Gamma's standard 5 - 8 business days to only 2 business days with MediZap.

Electron Beam Processing is recognized by the FDA and ISO guidelines are used for process validation. E-beam is the future of compounded pharmaceutical sterilization.

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Electron-beam processing or electron irradiation is the most advanced sterilization technology that uses beta radiation which is high energy electrons to penetrate and disrupt microorganism’s RNA/DNA chains. Electron beam provides the highest level of sterility assurance at 10-6.

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