E-Beam Sterilization

Keeping things clean, safe, and sterile is one of the most crucial parts of drug manufacturing.

Medizap's electron-beam processing, or electron irradiation, is the most advanced sterilization technology on the market. This technique uses beta radiation - a form of high energy electrons - to penetrate and disrupt microorganism’s RNA/DNA chains (their genetic material and means of survival). Electron beam provides the highest level of sterility assurance at 10⁻⁶. When these chains are disrupted, it means that the microorganism can no longer survive, and eliminates any risk of their contamination.

By using established and recognized dosimetric release procedures quarantine is not required after processing, fast tracking your turnaround time from Gamma's standard 5 -8 business days to only 2 business days with MediZap Electron Beam Processing is recognized by the FDA and ISO guidelines are used for process validation.E-beam is the future of compounded pharmaceutical sterilization.


The various advantages that e-beam sterilization provides include convenience, efficiency, and 10⁻⁶ sterility assurance. Not only does e-beam benefit over other methods, but this form of sterilization also offers the lowest minimum run quantities and the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

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