How MediZap's Partnerships Help Compounding Pharmacies | Newsletter | Issue 02 | 2020

How MediZap's Partnerships Help Compounding Pharmacies

Many people depend on medications for their health. Often, multiple medications are necessary, and even specific combinations and dosages are required in order to maintain a condition. 

Compounding pharmacies are able to combine multiple drugs into one effective medication, which is then chemically mixed to the exact dosage, strength, and combination needed. Using compounds in pharmaceuticals is meant to help alleviate some of the stress of taking multiple medications, and to make sure that the patient gets the best care possible. Especially in cases where a patient needs multiple drugs frequently during the day, compounds can help ease this process.  

Medizap helps pharmacists facilitate this process through our exclusive partnerships. 

How Compounding Is Different From Drug Manufacturing

Compounding is different from drug manufacturing as compounds are exceptionally unique to each individual patient and are not mass-produced. Additionally, human drug compounding is regulated through the FDA through comprehensive programs that protect patients from ineffective, poor-quality, and unsafe compounds. It is a heavily-regulated process. As compounding has become more sought-after in the pharmaceutical market, even more regulations have been developed surrounding the processes to ensure safety and drug efficacy.

For pharmacies, compounding can become a profitable, even market-changing addition to their business. It is also highly rewarding for compounding pharmacists and practitioners, as it allows them to solve some of healthcare’s toughest challenges for their patients.

Partnerships To Help Compounding Pharmacies

Medizap has done the due diligence on our client’s behalf, and has partnered exclusively with Steri-Tek to create the only E-beam terminal sterilization on the market for compounded products.  

Additionally, we know that not all laboratories are equal in their science-based approach and quality. That is exactly why MediZap exclusively works with Pacific BioLabs in this partnership.

Pacific BioLabs (PBL) is a contract research organization offering testing and research support services focused on supporting the pharmaceutical industry. Specializing in microbiological and biological sciences, PBL is committed to helping clients deliver compounded medicines to both patients and physicians who need them in a timely, safe, and sterile manner. The company has been serving its clients worldwide for over 35 years, and works hand-in-hand with our exclusive partner, Steri-Tek. 

We also work with PBL on all of our ISO process validations as well as on-going ISO process validation testing, and on specific microbiological testing of products. They are a trusted partner, and one that we know will always help us provide our clients with the best in quality and service. 

Let’s Work Together

The health of your patients matters, and if they need multiple medications on a regular basis to maintain their health, a compound may help them achieve better results. From topical creams from scratch, unique dosings of pills, and much more, the goal is to make taking medication as easy, safe, and effective as possible. 

We’re here to help - contact us to learn more about our advanced sterilization and packaging products that can help you support your patients' health. 

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