MediZap proudly announces new exclusive partnership as contract terminal sterilizer by E-Beam | X-Ray irradiation with Complete Group Services | Newsletter | Issue 12 | 2023

Complete Group Services (CGS) is the pioneering GSO that is exclusively designed to cater to the needs of the compounding and manufacturing industry. A Group Service Organization (GSO) is dedicated to providing tailored support and services to a specific market, such as Compounding. The primary focus of a GSO is to leverage its relationships with leading vendors in the market to assist its members in expanding their businesses and enhancing profitability.

CGS offers its members the following benefits:

  1. Consolidated Point of Contact: CGS simplifies the process of obtaining quality FDP CofA reports by centralizing multiple points of contact into one. Members no longer need to engage in contract negotiations or request for proposal (RFP) procedures. CGS utilizes its substantial purchasing power of $135 billion to handle these tasks on behalf of its members.
  2. Vendor Contracts: CGS has established contracts with specialized vendors, enabling members to gain early access to both multi-sourced and single-sourced products.
  3. Marketing and Consulting Support: CGS provides valuable marketing and consulting support to its members, leveraging the expertise of an experienced management team with in-depth knowledge of compounding pharmacy, radiopharmacy, the 503B space, and cGMP regulations.

By partnering with Complete Group Services, members gain access to the following resources:

MediZap has chosen to partner with Complete Group Services to leverage the extensive range of benefits and resources offered, enabling them to enhance their business operations and capitalize on the collective strength of CGS's specialized support tailored specifically for the compounding and manufacturing industry.

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