Labeling Solutions

2:1 Labels

Our custom-designed 2-in-1 with Peel Back Labels are chartable. They have a Built-In Irradiation Indicator and can be used with either Blister Packs or Vials & Caps. Vials from 5ml up to 100ml.

3:1 Labels

Our unique, Custom 3-in-1 Labels are designed for 2ml Vials & Caps, or Droppers. This unique design includes a Tamper Evidence Protection.

NiceLabel Software

Our NiceLabel software is customized for each client to print their custom MediZap Label.

Cab Squix Printer

MediZap’s Printer works with NiceLabel Software Solution and is perfectly equipped to handle our 2:1 and 3:1 Labels. It is fast and efficient printing using non-smudgeable thermal black ink.