E-Beam Sterilization Technology: Key Facts | Newsletter | Issue 03 | 2020

E-Beam Sterilization Technology: Key Facts

As technology and science progress, sterilization is advancing along with it. Electron beam (or e-beam) processing has evolved significantly since first developed in the 1950s. Many improvements have been made in this time, but one thing remains the same - e-beam sterilization is undeniably the most advanced sterilization method on the market, and MediZap is proud to offer this technology to our clients. 

But, what exactly is it, and why is it the most advanced method? Let's take a closer look. 

What is E-Beam Sterilization?

E-beam processing is the most progressive technologies on the market. It utilizes beta radiation in the form of high energy electrons. These electrons permeate and disrupt the RNA and DNA chains of microorganisms, causing them to perish, and leaving them incapable of contaminating the compounded product.

This sterilization utilizes electron rays to directly destroy bioburden by having a high dose rate and lower penetration compared to gamma sterilization, another style of beam sterilization. By using this higher dose rate, the electrons developed can function as a continuous beam. E-beam provides the highest level of sterility assurance on the market.

Why Use E-Beam Sterilization?

There are innumerable reasons to use this type of sterilization for compounded products.

  • Easily Customizable - using electron beams and this sterilization technology is much more flexible in its use compared to other more antiquated sterilization techniques.
  • Chemical and Waste-Free - no chemical waste by-products or isotopes are created when using e-beams. There are zero chemicals used in the process!
    1. Rapid Turnaround Time - your overall treatment time is quick when you utilize e-beam versus other sterilization types. Our turnaround time gives customers peace of mind knowing that their product will be complete sooner and has less of a chance of degradation during sterilization.
    2. Safety in Sterilization - using an e-beam is safe! Many other sterilization modalities produce radioisotopes, which can be dangerous.
  • Recognized by Regulatory Agencies - this type of processing is recognized by the FDA, and ISO guidelines are used for process validation.

Why Use MediZap’s E-Beam Technology?

E-beam sterilization is a “terminal sterilization process,” which means that the final product or compound can be within packaging during sterilization without any impacts on the quality or stability of the product. Our innovative packaging has been made and validated to work with this technology, and it is truly cutting-edge.

Plus, an added benefit of working with us is the cost savings of using e-beam technology. This innovation allows us to offer some of the lowest prices in our industry without sacrificing anything. With our sterilization and packaging, you can guarantee that you will be receiving products with the highest quality engineering on the market. We also back all sterilization services up with validation and document management, with full reporting under ISO 11137 standards.

Don’t just settle for any type of sterilization services - trust our advanced e-beam technology and our innovative packaging for all your compounding needs. Feel free to contact us about e-beam technology, pricing, and validation services.

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