Time Sensitive Cold Chain Solutions | Newsletter | Issue 01 | 2020

Cold chain solutions have become increasingly used in global healthcare economies. Billions of dollars are being invested in temperature-controlled transportation methods in the medical industry, most focused on pharmaceuticals. This system has progressively developed into the favored shipping choice when it comes to logistics because temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals allow for extended beyond use dates saving practitioners and hospitals millions of dollars.

Cold chains are a temperature-controlled supply chain that requires consistent refrigeration or frozen temperatures from the moment the pharmaceutical is being manufactured through shipping, sterilization, all the way to delivery. Mandates require this technology to preserve and maintain the integrity of a product while in transport, giving cold chain a priority by supporting product efficacy and safety.

To sustain and support cold chain logistics, processes are focused on continual monitoring by receiving data from end-to-end shipping. A validated cold chain solution that adheres to upholding government regulations is a must when providing a consistent temperature-controlled moving environment. Real-time data is used to gather information for product control during movement. Since many pharmaceutical products can quickly become unstable from heat exposure or alterations in the environment, collecting accurate information is crucial.

Advanced technology has allowed systems to go as far as collecting real-time data in temperature, GPS location, and preventive action alerts that need to be taken when transporting a product. By managing the logistical details of your cold chain, Medizap’s packaging solutions and pre-post sterilization cold storage have pioneered an innovative service and solution that has changed the medical packaging industry.

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