Exclusive Partnerships

MediZap has done the supplier due diligence on your behalf. We partner exclusively with SteriTek to create the first and only E-Beam | X-Ray terminal sterilization provider with unique value-driving benefits of dedicated line capacity, 48-hour / 24-hour turnaround, full ISO validation services, and cold chain processing.

We know that not all contract research organizations are equal in their science-based approach and quality; therefore, MediZap exclusively works with Pacific BioLabs and Infinity Laboratories for all ISO related sterilization validation services.

Element contract research laboratory vertically integrates all USP sterile compounding testing into MediZap's Four Pillar Service to meet the ever-tightening USP <797> guidelines for sterile compounding assurance.

kadaraâ„¢ medical sets the gold standard for an FDA registered American manufacturer of pellet therapy trocar devices and trocar kits.

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