Packaging Solutions

MediZap offers our clients a Complete Solution for both Primary and Secondary Packaging. Save time and money by utilizing a pre-validated Packaging System. MediZap provides Medi-Packs and Steri-Packs that work with E-Beam | X-Ray sterilization. We offer a complete dosimetry studies with our Proprietary Solutions that are designed specific to our E-Beam | X-Ray system.


MediZap offers our clients standardized and unitized secondary Pack-Out solutions for your primary packaging across multiple drug formats including compounded Pellets, Powders, and Serums to keep your costs lower. Steri-Packs protect your product with custom Multi-Layer High-Density Foam to reduce the potential for breakage. Standardization of Pack-Out allows MediZap customers exclusive pricing and the industry's lowest minimum product quantity runs.

Steri-Packs are Secondary Packaging that are used for safely transporting and processing your product through Electron-Beam sterilization. The Packaging Solution can be used multiple times in transit from Manufacturer to Sterilizer. Whether it’s Vials & Caps, Blister Packs, Injectables or Droppers, we’ve done all the sourcing. We provide Tamper Evident Labels to ensure your product has not been altered. MediZap packaging solutions saves you R&D time and money as the Dosimetry Testing has been completed and will be provided to you as the client.

Additionally, MediZap Steri-Packs for cold chain are paired with the benefit of complimentary cold storage at our E-Beam | X-Ray facility to reduced additional costs charged by other Sterilizers.

2:1 & 3:1 Labels

Our custom-designed 2-in-1 with Peel Back Labels are chartable. They have a Built-In Irradiation Indicator and can be used with either Blister Packs or Vials & Caps.

Our unique, custom 3-in-1 Labels are designed for 2ml Vials & +Caps, or Droppers. This unique design includes a Tamper Evidence Protection.